Terrariums by Ron

          These Stained Glass Window Planters offer you the best of two worlds. You no longer have to chose between having stained glass or plants....You can have them both.
          My Stained Glass Window Planters are available in just about any color you need. At this time, I only make two basic designs, but can, within certain limits, modify these to fit special size applications. They can be hung in front of a window, over a counter between two living areas, or over an upstairs railing surrounding your stairs. If you need a little more clearance to hang it in front of your window, just screw hooks into the frame above the window horizontally, and use longer hooks if necessary. The loops, where the chains are attached, are just the top of a solid brass rod that extends all the way down to the bottom of the window planter, safely supporting the wight.
          I suggest that you keep the plant in a pot, which makes it easier to take out and water. Also changing the plant from time to time will give it a fresh look, if something always stays the same, it tends to become invisable. I change mine frequently.... even putting in a vase of cut flowers in the summer and a small poinsettia around the holidays. Dried flowers also look good!
           The small window is lighter and more airy, making it easier to hang, it can even be hung from a hollow ceiling with toggle bolt hooks. The larger window needs a more substantial support.
          Obviously the two designs differ in size and design, but they also differ in construction. You will see that, where the small window has diamond bevels suspended in an open area within the colored glass frame, the large window has that area filled in, usually with a clear frosred glass. The large window measures approximately 20' wide x 23" High, with a depth of about 8", and is $280. The smaller window is approximately 14" Wide x 20" High with a depth of about 5" and is $140

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