Small Victorian Conservatories

          In response to all your inquiries, on these pages you will find the more affordable small size versions of the large "Victorian Conservatory" picturerd on my front page. Imagine having an, easy to care for, indoor garden within a stained glass replica of a Victorian's like stepping back in time.
          These terrariums are only available as special orders, and can be made with your choice of glass colors. Your Victorian Conservatory will be made especially for You, and can be made with your choice of design, and glass colors. You pick the color range you want, and I'll tell you what is available. Any design can be modified or you can even help me design something new. Your Victorian Conservatory will be made especially for You. If possible, I will try to arrange hand delivery so you will receive it all planted, and ready to enjoy. If I have to ship it, planting and care instructions will be included.
          Each terrarium measures 12" x 12" x 18" High, and can be ordered in any color combination. The round door is hinged, and has a sliding latch to keep it closed. You can choose one of the Flower, or Star designs, or order it Plain, without any ornamentation.

Click for close up

New "Sunroom" Design

14" X 10" X 14" High            $200

This New design has the door moved to the long side of the terrarium.
And, is smaller, simpler, and less expensive then the standard Small Victorian.
However, for a little more, it can be made larger, or have any design elements addes.

This Animation will demonstrate the operation of the round door.

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