Satisfied Customers

          Here are a few letters from customers who have purchased Terrariums from me. I thank them all for their kind words. Some of them have even given permission for me to allow you to contact them for a personal recommendation if you are considering ordering.

     "We are more than satisfied with the terrarium table you made for us, and have had many visitors comment on its uniqueness and beauty. The lamp we purchased from you more than 16 years ago has had more comments than can be counted - all positive. It still graces our living room and is one of my favorite things. We love plants, good hand workmanship and unique and different things and your work allows us to decorate with fine craftsmanship, uniqueness and plants all at the same time. I look forward to seeing you at another craft show in the future." .......... * Karen M. ( Maryland)

     "We had you as a vendor at our NERS conference and you were so well received. I have 2 terrariums for myself in addition to sending them as gifts. They are such great, unique ideas that add a decorative touch to any room. I love plants, but have cats...not always a good/neat/clean combination :-) It's rare these days to find an artist who has such a commitment to having a satisfied customer. I couldn't be happier with the quality craftsmanship. Thanks Ron! " .... * Kathy K. (Vermont)

     "I purchased the Teardrop Terrarium from Ron. It was somewhat of a rush order for an anniversary gift, and Ron delivered on time. The terrarium was well packed, and of excellent construction. I am very satisfied with the product and service, and my wife was very pleased with the gift." .......... Darrell W. ( Washington State)

     "We had a great experience in working with Ron and his creations. My daughter had Ron create a terrarium for her entry in our county fair. He worked with us to make his product affordable, then adapted one of his designs to meet the size requirements of the horticulture show.
     Ron did a great job of communicating with us via email and even sent us a picture of the finished product over the net. The door actually opened and closed via internet. He made us aware of when the item was shipped. We were a little skeptical that a large glass object could be shipped from New York to Texas undamaged. We were delighted to have our terrarium arrive in perfect condition and within the time frame Ron had promised.
     His creation is beautiful and very different. Our junior homemaking show has over 4500 entries in the cooking, photography, handicraft, and needlecraft shows. Only forty-five of these projects sell. It is quite an accomplishment to make the top ten. Her terrarium did place in the top ten and was a hit with the judges.
          I recommend Ron's creations unequivocally!" ........ * Jo B. (Texas)

     "I am just delighted with the Terrarium. It is so unique, and I have received quite a few compliments on it! I am quite sure anyone who purchases a piece from you will be more than satisfied...
Thank you,".......... * Amy C

     "When I first saw Ron's terrariums on the Web, I couldn't believe my eyes! I was looking for a plain glass terrarium. Little did I know, there was an artist out there that took it steps further. His designs are unique and his artform, stained glass, just adds to the beauty of the structure. Every person entering the room that it's displayed in, can't say enough about it. Thank you Ron!"..........*Bobbie T. (New Jersey)

     "I was very satisfied with my purchase and the efficiency with which the order was handled".......... Rita T. (Georgia)

     "I wish to express my sincere happiness and satisfaction with the terrarium that Ron Gladkowski crafted for me.
     Ron was very pleasant to work with via e-mail, and was very responsive to my requests. He was good about adding the special touches I asked for, such as interior hanging hooks, and was very helpful in helping me to choose the appropriate glass (something with which I had no previous experience). His suggestions made this terrarium a very special one indeed.
     The terrarium itself is a wonderful work of art, and I would admonish anyone considering buying one to ask Ron for his help and artistry. I will cherish my terrarium always; it is the first of its kind, the Night-blooming Cereus Terrarium. I am proud to own it, and it has already become a family heirloom, as my son has asked for it when I tire of it. Which won't be any time soon. I love it.
          Thank you again, Ron " .......*Kristi R. ( Washington State)

     "I bought my first terrarium from Ron about a year ago at the Festival in Gaithersburg, Maryland. It was a great pleasure to meet Ron in person and see his work at the fair after having read about him on the internet. His work was LITERALLY breathtaking. I still have the piece that I bought from him sitting in my living room. From time to time, I'd stop and admire the artful placement of the glass and design of my little "garden." It is extremely theraputic." .........*Ada C. (Washington D.C.)

     "The terrarium is beautiful, better than I ever thought if would be. You do great work." ......Pamela H. (West Virginia)

     I just wanted to thank you for the job you did on the terrarium. It is easy to open and has a beautiful and authenitc design. I hope to purchase new terrarium from you in the future." ......Sincerely, Malik H. (New York City)

     " The terrarium looks like more than I had hoped for. I have spent hours on the net looking for the right plants to fill it. Thank You so much, your work is just gorgeous!" ......Heather (Ohio)

" Dear Ron,
     Thank you again for the beautiful Planter Window you made for my sister.It looks terrific in her new house.You truly went out of your way making a personal delivery of that especially fragile one.What service!
     I'll stop to say hi and thank you in person if I ever get to another show that you are in".......Susan P. (Sugar Hill, N.H.)"

     " Dear Ron, Thank you sooo... much for the lovely terrarium you personalized for me. It is more beautiful than I could ever imagine, and really enhances that corner of the room. I know Richard will love it, also."........Mary M. (Schenectady, NY)

     " Hi Ron, I know I speak for both Ron and myself when I say WOW!!!! Ron unpacked it and put it in its "space" a little bit ago and we just love it. Thanks so much for making such a wonderful and unique terrarium, we couldnt be happier!!!! Terri .....(Buford, GA)

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