Terrariums by Ron

          These terrariums are better suited for the average decor. They are small enough to put almost anywhere, while large enough to have a selection of plants that will have room to thrive. Some are meant to sit on a shelf or table, while other are hanging. The Teardrop can be used either way.
          Some of these designs were thought up over twenty five years ago, while others are newer introductions. The Globe terrarium is my earliest design followed soon after by the Teardrop because I was curious about what would happen if I extended the sides of the globe to a point. ( Comparison ) Once I tried extending the bottom,...The result was a hanging terrarium with a point at the top and bottom. It was too awkward to carry around, so I stopped making it.
          Any of these can be ordered on line, just click on the Order link. The waiting time is usually 2 to 3 weeks, and shipping and handling for any of them is $15

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