Custom "Sculptured Terrariums"

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          I am receiving more and more inquiries about my terrariums featured at The Terrarium Museum, and so wish to offer some clarification about my work..
          Combining Stained Glass, with Plants, I creates unique Sculptural Terrestrial Envirinments. Each of these is an original, often one of a kind piece available no where else on earth, and so each should be viewed as a sculpture which happens to combine living plants as part of the design. These custom hand made designs can range in price from several hundred to thousands of dollars.
          I aim to keep my work truly unique. Searching the internet, has shown that no one else is creating such a large variety of designs in Stained Glass Terrariums, as well as offering to custom design one for you.
          Custom made, one of a kind handmade craftwork is very time consuming, and, since the piece will never be repeated, the time can not be amortized over time making multiple pieces. Sometimes folks inquire about work expecting prices which are in line with mass produced work, and that can't be done.
          Because they require a great deal of skill and time, in both designing, and creating, be prepared to pay a fair price. If you can't appreciate all that goes into creating an original work of art or sculpture, you likely will be surprised by what I will charge. If you are interested in having a custom terrarium made for you, contact me with the understanding that you will be hiring a professional to create for you.

If your financial resources are more modest, you can choose from a wide selection of my original production designs: $500 to $1200
$240 to $400
$290 to $480
$100 to $140
$170 to $180
Under $100
$9 to $45

Medium Victorian
Small Victorian / Revival Terrarium
Arched Terrariums
Terrariums / Planters
Tower Arch Terrariums
Flower Vases
                                                                      Thank You..... Ron Gladkowski


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