"Revival" Terrariums
Revival Terrarium

          This design is offered in a wide variety of sizes and proportions. The versatile design looks good in almost any form, so you can select the one that fits your space, and taste. I can make it any way you want it. You can choose one with colored glass trim or all clear, with or without the pointed wire trim in the lower panels. Just tell me the length, width, and height you want, and I'll be glad to quote you a price.

          I should explain....The original design was the Block. The lower section is square, so the base measurement is the same as the height of the lower section, hence the name Block. That design made me realize that it was a very flexible design and could be made shorter, taller, square or rectangular. The other two designs ( Ranch / Tower ) have never existed, I just manipulated the pictures to demonstrate the different options. The Ranch or Tower could be made square or rectangular, but the height of lower section of the Ranch would be less than the base size, while the Tower has a height in the lower section that is more than the base size.
          Changing the design always presents a challenge. So as I receive requests for variations, I am having to mentally construct the requested version, and "See" what alterations are needed to make it work, and come up with a price.
          The door is one example. In order to have a rectangular door, the side has to be divided into 3 sections with the door cut into the middle section. On smaller versions, (12" x 12" base or less) if you cut that size into 3, the door would be very narrow. The height also is a consideration. I have to leave at least 3 inches of space below the door to hold the soil in, and I like at least 2 " of glass above the door for strength, and for aesthetics. One solution is using a round door, as seen in this picture. The door is is 5" in diameter, and solves all those problems. A 15" base measurement would be the smallest to use a rectangular door.
          The Block design shown above measures 18" x 18" x 28" (approx.) High and sells for $350 (Plus Delivery). Though it isn't very apparent, their is a bottom constructed of double strength glass in all my terrariums. Feel free to write and see if I can help you work out your own interpretation of this terrarium.

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Revival Terrarium The Block Style
Revival Terrarium The Ranch Style
Revival Terrarium The Tower Style

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