Stained Glass Gift Shop

..............I began doing traditional stained glass over twenty five years ago, and over time my interest focused on creating uniquely designed terrariums. My approach to creativity is to let my imagination run free, and follow it. All my current work relates to plants or flowers.

All my designs are original, and I personally make each one. I stand behind my work your satisfaction is my highest priority.


          The softness of the plants and flowers contrast with the angles and lines in the design, and bring balance and harmony between man's and nature's creations. terrariums give shelter to the plants, and the plants give life to the terrariums.

Terrarium Gift Shop

Bud Vases

          Small, very affordable, flower vases meant to hold just a few flowers brought back from a walk or picked in your garden. They can also be a Special Place for those wild flowers the children bring in.

Bud Vase Gift Shop


          Stained Glass Window Planters allow you to have both Stained Glass and Plants hanging in your window, or as a room divider. These free hanging window planters are reinforced so they are light yet strong.

Window Planters

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